I still love the product and am always happy to show it off to anyone asking about it or when I use it at home. It’s still very fun to watch cars drive by and watch them watching me and the camper move towards my truck - I sometimes worry someone’s going to crash into a parked car!

- Ms Nevins



My camper is small enough to park on the side of my driveway, but because of a city light pole, I haven't been able to park it there without hitting the pole. With the Enduro Trailer mover that light pole is no longer a problem for me. I'm now able to park my camper on the side of my driveway with ease. At the camp site, we can position the camper where we want it on the site. It makes hooking up to my truck a breeze. Even my senior citizen friend loves how easy it will move my trailer. She doesn't want to give up the remote!

- Evelyn Kraski



The (enduro) unit moves across the driveway, handling an incline nicely and allows me to put it right where I want it. I do not get to use it as much as I would like because my 9 year old grandson says it's his job to hitch and unhitch the trailer and he does it all by himself.

- Wayne Lystra



I did install the trailer mover on my 16’ Rainbow travel trailer and tested it. It works GREAT! I’ll be sure to shoot a video of it being maneuvered by the Enduro (spinning on its axis in the middle of my narrow street then going up my steep driveway). It really makes it possible to move the trailer in and out of the yard anytime we want without any problems. Without the Enduro Trailer Mover, taking the trailer in and out of the yard would be VERY difficult.

- Rodney Pick



My wife called Kennedy's and they were very helpful. They need about a week's notice to schedule an installation. They have installed several of your Trailer Movers which gives us confidence that they will do a proper job of it.
I am now relieved to be able to have the RV at home (a friend used to keep it in his driveway because we live on a narrow city street and have a long driveway that clears each side by about 3 inches!). The Enduro now lets us easily pack for trips and do proper upkeep without having to inconvenience him. We have looked at several other power movers but this seems to be the best option for us. Thanks for the very helpful information!

- Jim Hart



Got my PurpleLine Enduro "caravan mover" installed on my 2720 TrailManor. Backed my TM up into my garage, piece of cake! My dear wife could not believe how easy it was. Used to take 3 of us to push it in. I have a side entry garage and really makes it simple to do.
The neat thing is one can walk all around your RV as you back it up. Prevents even me from hitting something. Powered it over the lip of my garage no problem I got a local RV shop (Kennedy's) to install them. Bobby did a great job. He had to do some minor mods to the mounting brackets, and not much room to spare with the proper spacing in front of the tire and between the metal step-fits by less than an inch, but it works. Amazing how one can maneuver so precisely. PurpleLine folks great to work with as well - their USA rep. Paul is knowledgeable, and helpful. Will allow me to do some solo traveling. Highly recommend.

- Mr Scott Malan



The e-go exceeds my expectations. It did very well on my inclined driveway with some gravel moving effortlessly and there was no slippage back when stopped. My adult daughter quickly learned to expertly maneuver and said it was great fun. I no longer fear getting stuck somewhere because of the trailer and enjoy travel much more.

- Robert Shulman



I have a 2007 Dutchmen T@B Clamshell built on an Al-Ko frame. I have been wanting a "Caravan Mover" for my little camper ever since I was made aware of them from European websites when purchasing parts for my frame, however never could find a US distributor, and shipping a product with that much weight is extremely pricey from overseas.

Enter PurpelineUSA.com. I found a Purpleline Enduro listed on ebay, did some further searching and realized they were a permanent USA distributor for these little gems!

I purchased an Enduro EM4445 and the mover arrived within a week.

I store my T@B in a garage in behind my house and backing around all those corners is difficult. In the past we would pull the T@B into the back driveway, then it would require two of us to push the T@B on into the garage. My husbands mobility is declining, he has back problems, and it really is no longer safe for him to assist me pushing the T@B around. (I'm not getting any younger either!!) Now with the Enduro Power mover I can move the T@B around with ease and no fear of losing it and crashing into the house, my vehicle or fence. Preventing that type of accident is well worth the purchase price all by itself!

After installation, I immediately took the T@B out on a weekend camping excursion. The campsite I booked was a difficult back-in with the vehicle and it was well after dark when arriving. I simply pulled into the campsite, unhitched, and started up the power mover to turn the T@B to the desired location, then backed the truck out to the appropriate location. Upon departing, I used the power mover to move the T@B right up to the hitch ball!!

I recommend the Purpleline PowerMovers to anyone! Purpleline USA delivered and I'm really hoping they continue to provide "Caravan Movers" to many more future US campers :)

- Carol Kelley



I am really enjoying my Enduro trailer mover. Because of where I have to store my camper, I must move it every time I mow my yard so that I can get my mower out of my shop. Using the Enduro make this so easy!!

- Rob Lovell



We traveled over 6,000 km this August with the deflector installed on our 2015 Chevrolet Traverse, pulling a 3,800 lbs Kodiak trailer and were immensely impressed with the performance of the deflector in reducing drag. Previously, with the same equipment, we consumed an average of 29 l/100km of gasoline. During this year's trip, after installing the Aeroplus, our consumption was reduced to just under 23 l/100km, which far exceeded our expectations, all on the same average mix of mountains and flat terrain. Furthermore, rooftop vibrations were nearly non-existent.

- Andre Perreault



Move your trailer into an impossible spot!
I've created a video testimonial, watch it here -

(Copy and paste the link)

- Yannis Fyssas



I purchased the Aeroplus in June 2016 and will recommend it to everyone. My first trip was over 4000miles and I can tell you it made towing such a stress free experience that it was even enjoyable. I saved around 10% on my fuel costs which made this product free in it's first use!
Buy this, it's a great piece of kit and I recommend highly to even one interested in a wind deflector.

- Ron Brooks



I would not trade this (trailer mover) system for anything. I LOVE IT!

- Charles Bishop



I purchased 3 of the Nemesis Wheel Clamps over a year ago and LOVE them. I have 3 trailers for my pressure washing company and I love these locks.

- - Craig Bates, Bates Clean & Seal



I’ve loved having the Purpleline movers, it’s made camping very fun and storing my TrailManor very easy. I just got back from a trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. The trip was excellent and the movers made the trip much easier in parking and positioning the camper. On my return trip home … I had a tire failure on the driver’s side of the TM. I’ve always worried that the motors wouldn’t survive a tire failure since they’re so close. Ya don’t think that a piece of rubber can damage those motors, but when you realize the speed the tire is rotating and coming apart some metals can get damaged. Now having said that, I am very happy and pleasantly surprised to say the Purpleline Enduro 4445 caravan mover motor

- Mary Hatch



Got the asphalt on the driveway now the mover works like a champ!
What difference a hard surface makes. Very satisfied in how the mover works, very easy to move the camper into it’s parking spot.
Thanks again for your assistance.

- John McGauchie