Purple Line Pty Ltd Returns Procedure

All returns must adhere to the following procedure:

1. All faulty products must be notified by e-mail to the Purple Line LLC Returns Dept. using the Purple Line LLC Returns Notification Form completed in full (supplied upon request).
2. A returns number will be issued upon receipt and acceptance of the notification by e-mail.
3. The customer must notify the Returns Dept. when the consignment will be ready for collection and Purple Line LLC will arrange their nominated courier to collect at a convenient time.
4. All consignments must be clearly marked with the Returns No. otherwise Purple Line LLC reserve the right to refuse delivery.
5. A returns report will be generated for each Returns. No. consignment and the customer will be notified of the outcome.
6. Purple Line LLC will credit or replace all goods that are deemed to have a manufacturing defect.
7. All goods that are found to have no fault will not be credited and will be returned to the customer together with their next carriage paid order.
8. Any items that show signs of customer damage or misuse including DIY repairs or modifications, will void any warranty and will be either returned to the customer or a notification of non-credit will be issued and the goods destroyed.
9. Any goods that are returned incomplete (parts and/or associated accessories missing) will not be credited.

There are a number of products that may well be serviceable which will avoid the necessity for a courier collection as it can often be the case that only one part of a product may have failed or it may be simply that a part was missing. Purple Line Pty Ltd will advise the customer in relation to these issues on a case by case basis.