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Kojack Lifting & Levelling

Hydraulic Positioning Jacks

  • KoJack Sliders have a rated capacity of 1500lbs and are suitable for tyres up to 275/50R17 in size.
  • 2 KoJack Sliders enable you to move a vehicle forwards, backwards, sideways and rotate it on its axis through 360°
  • Suitable for wheels up to 16" in diameter and 12" width (not suitable for tyres in excess of 300mm in width or 4WD tyres)
  • Manufactured from high-strength steel and fitted with four phenolic swivel castors
  • Foot operated hydraulic piston contracts the support legs lifting the wheels off ground
  • Ideal for moving cars, camper trailers, travel trailers and boat trailers

Kojack Sliders (pair): $349