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The Purple Line Enduro trailer mover is constructed using high tensile steel components. It has a laser cut, compact drive gearbox, which produces more power whilst drawing less current.

The Enduro trailer mover is equipped with lightweight, solid cast alloy rollers, which act upon the tyres to move the caravan. The Enduro's alloy rollers incorporate a patented, channel cut design with a life time guarantee and use an over centre cam engagement which locks into place providing sufficient force to drive the wheels.

The Enduro is suitable for single axle trailers (2 motors) up to 5000 lbs and twin axle trailers (utilising four motors) up to 7800 lbs. A twin axle trailer requires four motors, which is two Enduro trailer mover kits.

The Enduro has the cross actuation feature, which enables both rollers to be engaged simultaneously from either side of the trailer.

The Enduro trailer mover is water resistant, and to a certain extent waterproof, however it should not be operated when submerged.

The Enduro can be used on a dual axle trailer with four motors, all synchronised to the one handset. Instructions on how to pair and synchronise the handset is contained within the
user manual.