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Is the ego suitable for tough road conditions?
Yes, the ego is a sealed, anodised, alloy unit that is very tough and rugged, ideally suited to the demands of tough off road conditions.

Will the e-go fit my trailer?
Yes, adapter plates are available to ensure that the e-go fits all chassis types as long as the ground clearance is a minimum of 165mm - the e-go will drop down approximately 50mm from the chassis. Please contact us for further information.

Will the e-go fit on twin axle caravans?
The e-go is suitable for single and twin axle trailers.

Can I fit the e-go myself?
Please review the User Manual which may help you to decide if self-fit is an option, or contact us for further advice. Alternatively, please contact your nearest dealer or a mobile fitter who will have no problem installing a trailer mover.

Does the e-go have soft start and stop?
It has precision control operation and provides excellent accuracy.

Where is the best location for the mover?
The best location for the e-go is in front of the axle. However if this is not possible it is usually
possible to fit behind the axle.

Does it fit on a trailer with shock absorbers?

How much clearance back from the tires do I need?
You will need 16'' of clearance back from the tire to have enough room to install the Trailer Mover. Steps can be repositioned and waste water outlets can be moved or extended as required.

E-Go Heavy Duty Trailer Mover

Two Motor System
(200mm rollers) : $1799.99


Four Motor System
(200mm rollers) : $3599.99