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The Purple Line e-go trailer mover is a low profile, heavy duty mover, constructed with anodized alloy components making it light weight and exceptionally resistant to corrosion. The e-go trailer mover is suitable for both single (up to 5000 lbs) and twin axle (up to 7800 lbs) trailers. The e-go has a more efficient, precision cut gearbox, which generates greater power whilst drawing less current. The e-go has a wind on engagement mechanism which allows for micro-adjustments and when combined with the better gearbox it makes the e-go the mover of choice for the heavier travel trailer.

The e-go trailer mover uses a wind on engagement mechanism, to move the rollers onto the tyres. The advantages of this mechanism are that it allows the operator to adjust the pressure applied to the tyres, increasing or decreasing as necessary when on sloping ground, when tread is worn or tyre pressure is low or when using on heavier travel trailers.

If you want to move your trailer in style you can upgrade the e-go motor mover further, with the electronic engage system. This upgrade is designed to be retro fitted to the unit, so you can get this at the time of initial purchase or at a later date if required. With this system installed the rollers engage at the touch of a button.

The e-go trailer mover is water resistant, and to a certain extent waterproof, however it should not be operated when submerged.

The e-go can be used on a twin axle travel trailer with the use of four motors, all synchronised to one remote control.

E-Go Heavy Duty Trailer Mover

Two Motor System
(200mm rollers) : $1799.99


Four Motor System
(200mm rollers) : $3599.99