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Can the clamp be used on a trailer if there is a mover fitted?
It should be able to fit with a trailer mover, but please ask your dealer if you are unsure.

What is the weight of the clamp?
It is approximately 12kg

How large is it to store?
There is one facing plate, three small arms and three larger arms plus screw fastenings – the largest plate is approx 31 cms or 12ins across, and the arms must be taken into account for storage purposes.

I am unsure about fitting the clamp?
Please refer to the instructions provided, or contact us if you have further queries. Please ensure that you are satisfied with the fit of the clamp to the wheel before installing the security plugs into the hex screws.

Fitting Tips
When assembling the clamp for the first time, loosely put together the clamp off the wheel. Check the position of the face plate on the wheel by measuring the height from the ground to the bottom of the face plate. This should be approximately 3 inches, to enable the front arms to locate easily into place.

The clamp should be fitted on level hard ground. The clamp may not fit a wheel that has sunken on a soft surface.