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"I consider the deflector a must-have when towing my trailer"
-Bill F. 2017

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What is Aeroplus?

The Aeroplus is a roof mounted wind deflector designed to smooth airflow over the top of your tow vehicle. It easily fits to just about any roof rack available on the market and makes towing your trailer a much smoother experience. By directing the airflow over the tow vehicle customers can save up to 13% on fuel costs (lab AND road tested). Your towing experience is also greatly improved and you even arrive with far less bugs stuck to the front of your precious cargo!

How easy is it to fit?

The Aeroplus has been designed to fit just about any aftermarket roof bars that fit across the width of your tow vehicle. Aeroplus is fitted to the roof bars by two clamps that are secured with two hand-tightened nuts. That’s it! - very simple and straight forward. Please see the video for more information on fitting and testing the product.


Aeroplus Wind Deflector : $149

What our Customers say:

"Saw your video about the wind deflector and the other information about it and ordered it. The results were dramatic. The affects of wind and trucks were greatly reduced. Also gas millage increased 1- 2 mpg. The main thing though, was that the driveability was so much better. I consider the deflector a must have when towing the trailer ."

"I really think the concept of this wind deflector is outstanding in the way it made driving while pulling a travel trailer so much easier. I would not want to travel without one…"

Bill F. 2017