Purple Line USA

About us

Purple Line is a company which designs and manufactures products for the travel trailer and Recreational Vehicle (RV) market. Our trading style can be summed up by our simple company philosophy: design, innovate and improve.

We are a leading supplier to the RV market, offering a comprehensive range of remote trailer movers and one of the largest and most varied travel trailer security and safety product ranges. As a design-led company, Purple Line specialises in manufacturing innovative and affordable product solutions based on the needs of the market.

To match the quality of our great products, Purple Line also has great customer service supporting an effective supply line to customers
through retail outlets.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide the best support to our travel trailer and RV partners. Using national advertising, internet campaigns and striking point of sale materials, Purple Line ensures millions of potential customers are reached every month.

Purple Line has always, and will always, work closely with its partners in the travel trailer and RV industry to provide the best products and maintain the highest levels of service.

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