Power Trailer Mover - Remote Trailer Mover

Purple Line are manufacturers of the E-Go and Enduro Trailer Movers, the Aeroplus wind deflector, Full Stop security range, Kojack jacking systems and other fantastic accessories for the travel trailer and RV market.

Purple Line Power Trailer Movers enable users to maneuver their travel trailers via remote control to hitch, un-hitch or park the trailer into a tight spot. They take the stress out of these highly demanding manoeuvres and minimize the potential risks of damaging the trailer. Please view the above videos to see how the Purple Line trailer mover range could be of benefit to you.

Purple Line trailer movers consist of two models, the e-go and the enduro. Each has powerful high torque 12V electric motors, a central control unit and remote control handset. The motors attach to the chassis by a bracket and work through a direct drive, reduction gearbox connected to solid friction rollers that drive the wheels on the trailer providing control over the trailers movements at the touch of a button.

Both models are suitable for single axle trailerrs (using 2 motors) pulling up to 5000 lbs and twin axle travel trailers (utilising 4 motors) up to 7800 lbs. They can handle most surfaces and sloping ground too. Both models have a 2 year warranty and are supplied with all of the kit and instructions to enable you to attach it to your travel trailer.

The Aeroplus is a wind deflector proven, throughout extensive testing, to improve ride stability and fuel economy whilst towing a caravan. To see how this works visit the product page to find out more.

Full Stop is a range of security devices that have been tested to the highest security standards. Please see the Full Stop security page for details on each of the products available.

Please go the product pages to view more details, specifications and images.

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